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24 years of experience in Latvia’s market has proved that Skonto Plan Ltd can provide high quality products and services on deadline and at a competitive price. In 2008, two new subsidiaries were established – Skonto Plan UK in Great Britain and Skonto Plan Ireland in Ireland to expand our operation in other European markets. In 2010, the company actively got involved in the Norwegian market as well, and from 2013 with a daughter company also in Germany.

Skonto Plan Ltd has completed a number of projects of varying complexity in Russia, Western and Northern Europe.

•    Our strength is our highly qualified and experienced team with their extensive knowledge of the construction industry and market;
•    Our capability in project planning, production and process implementation in close collaboration with the client ensures that the highest expectations are met and great results are always achieved;
•    Our passion for innovation allows us to offer modern solutions to our customers and follow the new tendencies within the construction sector.

Our company’s work in other countries is emphasizing precise project planning and in-depth understanding of the technical requirements set out in these countries; therefore we are able to ensure the highest quality standards. Additional attention is being paid to safety regulations and possible environmental risks as we pride ourselves on being an environment conscious company. 

Skonto Plan provide full training and induction on safety regulations and other work related instructions for our workers in other countries to ensure our company’s successful operation and development in other markets.