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Skonto Plan’s experience shows that even the highest quality products can be damaged or lose their intended functionality if inappropriately installed; therefore we provide a complete installation process to ensure the quality and durability of our products.  Our company has a number of experienced and qualified teams for installation of windows, doors, curtain walling, and steel constructions. Installation teams have all the necessary experience and knowledge as well as all engineering tools and transportation. All work is supervised by experienced and qualified foremen and on-site project managers.

We provide advice on the whole product range, pre-manufacture measurements, fabrication and delivery of structures, demolition, installation, and warranty service.

In order to ensure the durability of our products, our customers are given information about appropriate maintenance and terms of use for our products. If the installation work is done by a contractor then it is essential to follow the recommendations for transporting, storing, and installing of the structures.

Skonto Plan Ltd can provide repairs during and after the warranty period for all our clients.